Welcome to HTW Berlin’s online self-assessment for refugees who are interested in studying at our university. Please allow about 60 minutes to complete the self-assessment. The interactive modules will introduce you to the advantages and challenges of studying at HTW Berlin.

The self-assessment offers:

•    Basic information about the requirements
•    Insights into daily student life
•    Tips for studying successfully
•    Video interviews with students

The self-assessment does not provide personalised answers about whether you will receive admission for a study programme or which specific conditions you do not yet fulfil. Every person’s situation is unique. If you have questions about application and admission, please contact the Student Service Centre at HTW Berlin.

The self-assessment is free, anonymous and there’s no obligation. The results are only for your personal information. There is no time limit for completing the self-assessment. However, we do recommend that you complete the self-assessment in a concentrated manner without taking a long break.

At the end of the self-assessment, you will receive your individual results.

This self-assessment is also available in German, click here.